ISSAI - New paths for Intelligence
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Helder Coelho

(University of Lisbon)

Short bio:

Helder Coelho is a retired full professor of the University of Lisbon (UL) in the Department of Informatics of the Faculty of Sciences, from August 1995. He is a permanent and elected member of the National Academy of Engineering (1999). ECCAI fellow (2002). He was Chair of the Executive Board of Iberamia from 1996-2010. Member of the Advisory Council of Iberamia (2010- ). He was member of IFIP TEC12 (AI) and Chair of IFIP WG12.3 (Agents). Editor of the International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (Ceser Publications) and of the Progress in Artificial Intelligence (Springer). He was president of the Institute for Complexity Sciences from 2004-08. Conference Chair of ECAI-2010 in Lisbon, Program Chair of IBERAMIA-1998, and Program Co-Chair with Jaime Sichman of SBIA/IBERAMIA-2000 and 2006. He is currently member of the Advisory Board of EPIA/APPIA Congress, member of the Steering Committee of MASTA and the BWSS Workshops, and PC member of AAMAS Conference (2008-16).


Possible Ways Out for Intelligence:
yes, the future will be more complex and uncertain


Paths for intelligence will be covered and discussed taking into account the present state of AI, dominated by Deep Learning, new promises such as Artificial General Intellingence (AGI), the cycles of hype, and the two winters. Difficult goals (common sense) seem always far and uninteresting for start-ups and R&D. Will the neurosciences track be a good bet? 

Other lectures (confirmed):

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